Turnkey Reverse Logistics

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Revolutionizing Returns for ESG and SDGs

R-CUBES offers a sustainable returns solution to reduce environmental impact and CO2 emissions. Their innovative system refurbishes returned products efficiently, disclosing any imperfections, promoting confidence in refurbished items. Committed to ESG and SDGs, R-CUBES benefits consumers, retailers, producers, and the planet.


Turnkey Reverse Logistics Solution

With all of the necessary functions for returns processing, R-Cubes is truly a Turnkey reverse logistics solution provider for all businesses,  large and small.

For over 20 years R-CUBES has been a trusted and proven reverse logistics provider for all size companies.

Steps to implement R-CUBES system


Professionals audit your process and suggest the best solutions.


Register model and customer information along with inspection and repair rule

Pilot run

Build stations and lines. Train associates.

Go Live!

R-CUBES' supports your operation remotely.

System Demonstration 


Register your model and customer

Registering your products couldn’t be simpler with RCUBES’ unique system. Link corresponding accessories and parts to each model, inspection and repair perimeters are customized to your companies specifications, ensuring the highest quality control standards. 


RMA to shipping

Registering the RMA and as much corresponding information such as model number, quantity and serial number as possible. The more information provided, the lower the possibility of inventory miscalculation.



The R-CUBES's smart system has the ability to check the number of pallets and total quantity.

Quality of all products is the utmost importance, however there is a balance between quality and efficiency.   

In this process a unique ID is issued for each step, reducing inventory discrepancies. 


Inspection and Repair

Using pre-configured inspection and repair perimeters, the R-CUBES's smart system ensures an accurate, high quality inspection and  repair process every time.

Time stamps are given for all individual actions within this process, allowing for improvement of productivity.
By determining potential challenges for each associate, additional training can be provided to maximize process efficiency.



The system’s inventory function assigns locations to every unit, preventing inventory differences such as shortages or overages. 

Inventory aging reporting is a beneficial tool in creating sales reports for accurate accounting.

The subsequent quality control functions ensure full support of your companies’ orders and shipments.


Staff Management

Human Resources and employee management is essential to all companies. The RCubes subsystem, HR CUBE,  streamlines the day to day management of Human Resources.

With individually assigned RFID tags, the system has the ability to track multiple associate functions such as productivity and location.

Strength of  R-CUBES system

End to End Solution

All functions supported from return authorization to shipping.

Protect your Asset

Detect an unauthorized return: 

multiple verification of return receipts in place.

Accessible from Anywhere

R-CUBES provides a constant scalable system to multiple locations.

Full Traceability of Return

The system scans in all items to keep traceability throughout entire processes.

Flexible Process

Returns can be received either by pallet or by unit.

Quality First

As an option, AQL(Acceptable Quality Level) process can be added on.

Fully Customizable

You can customize inspection and repair rule to fit your return.

Connect to your system

The system will be integrated with your current ERP system via latest API technologies.

R-CUBES purchases return as ASIS.  

Purchasing returns at Competitive prices

Purchasing all varieties of returned goods, regardless of condition.

A manifest is not required

Accurate, informative data provided for all returns including scanning UPCs and issuing corresponding POs.



Our proprietary system gathers and analyzes valuable information about your returns

Additional Reporting

Unauthorized products are detected and reported. Capability to report product condition, defect and packaging condition.